June 23, 2024

If you have ever experienced a Witt spring then you will understand what we are about to talk about. If you are a freshman and have yet to experience this phenomenon, then get ready and get excited. Wittenberg is one of the prettiest campuses out there.

If you have walked around campus in the fall then you can enjoy the burst of color swirling around you and the nice cool breeze. If you have walked around campus in the winter, you can see the Wittenberg sign dusted with a blanket of white, the campus glowing as the sun reflects off the white snow. This place is picture-perfect in all seasons, but get excited about the spring because that is when it comes to life. 

Welcome to Camp Wittenberg. Ever since we were little freshmen we would step outside of our dorms on a nice spring day and remark, “it feels like camp.” Camp as a child brought the excitement of friendships and games, the allure of the outdoors, the smells of a cafeteria dining hall and the fun of a bonfire. Well, Witt might not have a bonfire, but we do have the excitement of spending our time with our friends and that nice smell wafting from the CDR across campus.

This is the time that the signature red chairs are out, and Witt students are fighting to get a good spot. Freshman, it is musical chairs, fight your way into one of the Adirondack chairs and you will not regret it. Our sophomore and junior yeara were spent doing homework and getting some sun in between classes in those very red chairs. 

Throughout Camp Wittenberg you will feel your relationships with your friends strengthen, the excitement bursting and the sun rays soaking into your sun-deprived skin. The campus is painted with Eno’s and hanging hammocks, students sitting on blankets outside listening to music, talking and studying.

The warm sun, cool breeze, green grass and bustling atmosphere work together to create the perfect community. The stress of your studies evaporates as the campuses warmed up from the sun. But, we highly suggest keeping your eyes peeled because disc golf is in full swing.

I love the way that words can be used to describe things, but I honestly feel that Camp Wittenberg is an experience that cannot be described with words; it has to be lived. The day that Camp Witt begins, you will feel it.

We challenge you to step outside when the time comes, hang up those hammocks, layout those blankets, grab your backpacks and a few friends and let the magic of campus do its thing.

We also encourage you to invite new people with you, this is the time to strengthen the relationships you have already made, but it is also the time to open your heart to something new! It is one of our most beloved times at Witt and we will cherish our last time attending Camp Wittenberg.

We will see you on the red chairs.


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