March 1, 2024

So you did it, you are finally in your senior year of college. You have taken countless classes, made tons of mistakes and a whole lot of memories. It’s downhill right? Wrong. Senior year is not easier; it is not as fun and not lighthearted.

“You take easy classes,” that is a myth. Shout out to all our student teachers and overachievers. We all know our classes are not easier and our workload is not smaller.

“It is less fun,” come on. We are 21 and top dogs on the best campus in the world, how could it not be more fun? “It is lighthearted,” myth, myth and may we say it again? Myth. It is our last year of being young, dumb adults. If we are not drunk or overwhelmed then we are crying about the thought of having to be a big girl soon and leaving the most cherished campus on earth.

Watching movies has created this ongoing opinion that senior year is the best year yet. They are correct in the terms “best year yet,” but they are wrong in so many ways. Now you may be thinking, “okay, if I made it this far it should be easy.” Well my friend, you forgot to factor in job searching, applications, thesis and other projects that professors think are funny to throw your way. But it’s okay. We have constructed a fool proof plan that can help you, yes, we mean you, survive the best year yet. 

First off, some people have to be taught how to say no, and we are always told to say no to peer pressure. But sometimes, we need the pressure of our peers. Say yes. Don’t worry, we understand too, we have been drowning in our workload and our other responsibilities. This article is just as much of a wake-up call to our fellow classmates as it is to us. When in doubt the answer is not “no, I have homework” or “no sorry, I am too tired.” It is “Yes, let’s do it.” This is the time when the dumbest things and best memories come from saying one word, “yes.”

After you have changed your negative mindset to a more positive one, you then need to stop worrying. So what if you have an exam the next day, so what if your bank account is approaching the negatives. News flash, employers are not looking for grades, they are looking for completion. And your bank account? Don’t you worry, a big ol’ salary job is coming your way.

“But Dirty Blondes, I am so overwhelmed.” Good thing a Station One beverage can change that feeling to a warm bubbly happy state. This means we want more overnight slumbers in the Hollow and less Hollenbeck all-nighters. If you see an opportunity to streak the trifecta, do it. You have put in the work to make up for the past three years. Go out, have fun, be yourself and remember now is the time to make mistakes and jump. An old wise person once told me “I am not here for a long time, but I’m here for a good time.”

Let’s have a wild rest of our last semester, seniors.


Your Dirty Blondes 

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