July 18, 2024

“Low-key, f*ck 2020” has been a motto for this year. With threats of WWIII, the whole pandemic, fires and floods and murder hornets, it just all seems a little excessive. I give the year a 0/10, would not recommend. The group Avenue Beat released their song “F2020” this year, and it’s pretty fun.

The story told starts out with the general optimism that one has on New Years Eve, with saying that the coming year is going to be “your year.” Then, it goes into how 2020 is nothing like anyone expected. The Avenue Beat girls keep the song relatable, talking about pets, the pandemic and being “really sad and bored at the same time.”

The chorus is catchy and keeps listeners connected. Avenue Beat sings about not having money, which describes a lot of people after COVID-19 hit the United States in March. The lyrics are very explicit, but I admit that it embodies how I have felt all year.

In the second verse, lead singer Savana Santos explains that everything that’s happened to her might not be as bad as what fans have endured. However, she doesn’t hide her desire to skip the rest of this year and go straight to 2021, because the world won’t stop throwing everything it has at us.

This song was made famous due to TikTok, but it’s genuinely good. Don’t mind me if you hear me singing “F2020” under my breath for the rest of the year. I can easily listen to this song on repeat for hours, so give it a listen and have some fun waiting for 2021 to hit. The song gets a 10/10 from me!

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