July 18, 2024

I heard a story once. It was about a turtle that held the world on its back. It held the world effortlessly and without strain. But this turtle was not alone. Below this turtle was another turtle. And below that? Yes, another turtle. Turtles all the way down. Where do they lead? Do they lead anywhere?

In the past week, I happened upon an intriguing thought while reading required pages for class. In a passage, the thought in question referred to people being of either of value or not having value at all. It then said that it was up to you to decide which.

It basically asks, in one form, whether you see yourself having worth. Are you worth something, for instance, three goats and a duck? Or are you worth much more, such as diamonds, jewels and knowledge? Are you worthy of being on this earth that sits quietly on a turtle? That is for you to decide.

I ask you now: if you believe you have value, what can you offer? What can you give that is worthwhile? It could be wisdom, thoughts, knowledge, love, friendship or even the small acts of kindness that you tend to see day to day. I like those small acts. I value them. But would I value you? That is for me to decide.

If you don’t think you have value, ask around. See if others see value in you. If they acknowledge traits, habits, quirks and niceties about you, perhaps reconsider your view on yourself. If others see it, could you see it too? If they value you, and you then take their opinion into true consideration, then you value their opinion. Eventually, you could then deem yourself worthy of value. It goes in a circle, a pattern or a line. See it however you see it.

I see it as a line of turtles with worlds on their backs, each carrying people that all have value even if they are blind to see it. Each person has a place on the back of the turtle. Each can either make its mark on the turtle’s shell or simply live. I’d rather make my mark than sit idly by and watch the turtle get caught in a net.

I heard a story once. It was about a turtle that carried our world on its back without a sweat. The turtle did not float just in space but sat on another turtle. And below that? Another turtle. Turtles all the way down.

You’ve heard this story now. Is it any value to you?

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