April 19, 2024

I honestly wasn’t expecting much from the reading from Patti Lightflower, despite being an avid lover of online psychic readings (I actually have an Irish psychic that I have skyped with in the past few months).  I spent about 30 minutes taking pictures of my hands and had to whip out my DSLR camera in order to take high-quality images, which Lightflower defined as being clear enough to zoom in on the ridges of my palms and fingerprints.  After sending in the pictures, I waited for Lightflower to respond with my results.  Despite her having a busy schedule involving palmistry classes and workshops, she emailed me my results within a day and a half.  I was pleasantly surprised by the results that I received.
She first noticed my long, thin fingers.  I never thought of myself as having long fingers, but Lightflower described that they are long in relation to my rectangular palms.  She said that lean fingers are descriptive of a person who uses their mind rather than physical energy or labor.  “A love of thought” is how she worded it.  Another interesting element about my hands that she noticed was my fine skin, which is nearly see-through.  This is a very feminine characteristic and heightens my sensitivity to touch.  She also mentioned that my fingertips have a bump on the pads.  These are called “teardrops of Isis” in palmistry.  These are also symbolic of my sensitivity to touch and she said that I probably enjoy touching textures and textiles.  I had never thought about it before, but I actually really do!  I have a nervous habit of rubbing the smoothness of my nails and quite frequently rub my nails across my lips.
Lightflower continued mentioning more of my characteristics which I had never really noticed before.  In particular, she discussed the multiple rings under my ring and middle fingers.  These rings are related to the Girdle of Venus, which means I love life, love, and beauty.  These all heighten my sensitivity.  So apparently I’m really sensitive.  Not sure if that’s entirely true.  I can, however, experience sensations stronger because of my sensitivity, according to Lightflower.  My spectrum of sensations is much broader than the general population.  She says that some people can’t see or smell the roses, but I notice the roses, smell the roses, and “feel” their color because of my sensitivity.
Overall, this entire process was really interesting.  Palmistry in general is an intriguing art.  I wonder if anything would be different had Lightflower actually held my hands and felt my skin.  For doing it online, however, she was pretty spot on!

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