October 2, 2023

Who ever declared eyes were the windows to the soul never met Patti Lightflower, a professional Palmist, that can read a persons life on their palms. Starting in 1960, Lightflower’s passion for palms has launched her into an exciting and interesting line of work, for over 30 years. As a palmist, Lightflower reads and interprets lines on palms and markings on hands and fingers to learn about the person she’s reading. But is this just a bunch of bologna?
I have to admit I was a tad bit skeptical when I sent photos of my hands to Lightflower. However, her reading was spot on, making me a believer in the process.
At first receiving the results, I scanned them critically looking for things that were over arching general statements, maybe things that could be said to anyone. But instead I found myself baffled by how accurate and specific they were.
Lightflower very accurately pinpointed key points of my personality without even meeting in person. For example, Lightflower noted in her observations that “In both hands you have thick thumb bases.  This is on people that are typically blunt and straightforward in their communication.  You tend to speak what is on your mind.”
I’m sure my parents would confirm this, arguing that it’s an understatement. I found it amusing that anatomy and skin could depict such a large personality trait.
Furthermore, Lightflower indicated, “The broken bottoms of your life lines – with overlapping lines – show you have many ‘homes’ or different places you call home.” Once again, I found myself questioning how such key points of who I was could be depicted on my hands. Basically written into my DNA.
In particular, as a writer I found the next bit I read quite fascinating. Lightflower noted that “Many vertical lines under the middle fingers – particularly the right hand show that you love learning.  You are good at gathering information and sharing it with others.  The cross hatching across this area show a need for perfection.  You don’t like to make mistakes.  You like to have the correction information and be seen as a reliable resource. For this to be under the middle finger brings in the idea of values, beliefs and standards.”
If I wasn’t already sure of my calling, this came as a welcome confirmation of what I have chosen to pursue in the future. As an aspiring journalist, I hold these things dear, and apparently so much so that it shows up.
As crazy as it sounds, your palms depict your most key personality traits, worry, empathy, potential, ect. It was a very informative and self revealing process that has helped me personally understand myself better.

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