June 13, 2024

Maddy Straughn
After spending years of creating one’s own style, a fashion-forward individual will eventually find what he or she believes makes the complete outfit. In other words, someone who cares about his or her appearance will eventually form an opinion on what it takes to dress well every day. Looking polished and styled every day, sophomore Maddy Straughn had a couple of things to say about what she believes will make a flawless look no matter what. What is her number-1 secret? Confidence.
With picture that is Close-up of jacket:
A fabulous jacket is my most handy staple piece of clothing. Any jacket is versatile, so you can dress it up or down. You can throw it over a dress or a t-shirt, and just about anything will always look classy and put-together.
With picture that is Close-up of scarf:
My favorite accessory is a scarf. A scarf is very versatile because you can wear it in your hair, around your neck, or you can tie it on your purse. It can dress an outfit up or down depending on how you wear it, and it will continually add character to any look.
With picture that is Close-up of shoes:
My favorite kind of shoe is anything that is comfortable and stylish. I love espadrille in the summer, suede for fall or winter, and all kinds of wedges year round. A wedge is amazing because you can, again, dress them up or down. It’s all about versatility and style.
With picture that is close-up of back:
Dressing well is a way to express yourself and describe how you are feeling on a specific day without even speaking. One of my favorite sayings about clothing is, “When a women says ‘I have nothing to wear,’ what she really means is there is nothing here for who I am suppose to be today.’” It is also important to keep in mind you never know who you I’ll run into, you deserve to feel fabulous, and always keep it classy!

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