February 21, 2024

Post-graduation plans take one Wittenberg alumni across the country for a year of service.
Anna Henry, a 2012 Wittenberg graduate, spent a year in Logan, Utah to work full time as an AmeriCorps Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) member after receiving her Bachelor of Science in biology at Wittenberg.
VISTA was founded in 1965 as a national service organization in order to fight poverty in America. The program also builds the organizational, administrative, and financial capacities of organizations that combat illiteracy, improve health services, help economic development, and support low-income communities in general.
Henry’s program involved a year-long position that was centered toward developing programs within Utah State University’s Service Center. Some of these programs included Alternative Breaks and Habitat for Humanity.
While working for this program, Henry initiated and carried out a community grant project and a student director development workshop series.
“This position gave me an opportunity to lead staff and students in making positive, lasting changes to students, the community, and the existing programs,” said Henry.
Henry also said that the opportunity in Utah gave her a chance to explore another area of the country. In addition to developing service projects, she was able to hike, sight-see, snowshoe, and ski.
She says that the rest of her transition into the real world went pretty smoothly, except for maybe her first time skiing. However, she said that even that worked out in the end, thanks to a “kind souled stranger.”
“The little skiing episode, as well as the smoothness of my entire transition as a whole goes to show that with the right attitude, persistence, and guidance by a mentor, a person can accomplish something new,” said Henry.
Henry also said that she credits her experiences at Wittenberg for such a smooth transition.
She stated that both the opportunities and people at Wittenberg really prepared her for her own slice of the real world.
“I feel very fortunate to have had so many opportunities at Witt to be creative, critically think, and apply my learning into meaningful actions,” said Henry.
After the year-long program in Utah, Henry moved back to Ohio in summer 2012 to begin a three-year Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at the Ohio State University.

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