June 13, 2024

“Oh my God, so many. Evolution with Dr. Phillips, or Hebrew Poetry with Dr. Keiser.” –Alec Van Dyke ‘14
“I think everybody should take beginning German with either German professor. German is an economical and logical language that will help in all future endeavors.” –Jake Dengg ‘14
“The one class that had an impact on me was English 180 with Dr. Davis—Literature and Spirituality. That class made me both an English and Religion major. That class allowed me to interpret literature like I never had before.” –Brandon Pytel ‘14
“I would say sociology of deviance with Dr. Wagner. It’s really interesting and she makes class fun.” –Meredith Wells ‘14
“Dr. Hinson’s Contemporary American Fiction Class called ‘Why Read?’ I experienced more self-discovery in that class than any other at Witt, and that joy is something that every student deserves to experience.” –Evan Cameron ‘14

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