April 13, 2024

This weekend, Ferncliff Hall Government will host a Yule Ball in the CDR that will allow students to dress up, enjoy nice food, and have a good time with their friends. The event, hosted in honor of the holiday spirit, will be the Friday before finals week to provide an opportunity to relax before exams begin.
The idea for a Yule Ball was suggested by Jeffrey Mengerink. He participated in organizing the 2011 Yule Ball, which was put on by New Hall government and raised $300. Mengerink mentioned that it is a great program to put on because it is open to all of campus and all money raised is donated to a local food bank in the spirit of the season of giving.
“I thought it would be fun to do again,” said Mengerink. “It is a simple but really fun program that all of campus can attend. One thing I am looking forward to this year is hopefully raising lots of funds and canned goods to donate to the food bank and have a blast dancing!”
The Yule Ball will give students a chance to dress up in their semi-formal clothes and spend an evening with friends. During the event, the CDR will feature seasonal decorations meant to bring out the holiday spirit and will provide several types of food and drink for attendees to enjoy. In addition, WUSO will provide the musical entertainment, giving students an opportunity to pass the time dancing with friends.
“It’s going to be so pretty and the lights in the CDR are perfect for it,” said Grace Bartley, secretary of Ferncliff Hall Government. “I’m excited for the CDR being all decorated and everything being pretty.”
While this year’s Yule Ball will be quite similar to the first one, the theme will be more focused on winter and the goodwill of the season. All the decorations and food will be arranged according to this theme and were picked to get students in a seasonal spirit and give them a pleasant break before the week of final exams.
“I am really looking forward to seeing everyone out having a good time while enjoying everyone’s company,” said Austin Riggle, Ferncliff Hall Government’s RHA representative. “The Yule Ball is a great opportunity to have fun with friends, and maybe even meet some new people.”
Tickets are $3 for singles and $5 for couples, with proceeds being donated to a local food bank. Organizers of the Yule Ball are also offering the opportunity for attendees to bring canned goods to reduce the price of their ticket, which will also be donated to the food bank. All of campus is encouraged to put on their semi-formal clothes and come celebrate the spirit of the season.

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