February 24, 2024

Roses are red,

Violets are in snow,

Need help writing a love letter?

Just read this and you’ll know!

Ever since love was introduced into this world, sweethearts of old have been trying to communicate their adorations. A love letter is one of the oldest methods to disclose affections. Michael Mattison, assistant professor of the English department at Wittenberg University and Director of the university’s Writing Center, has vast experience with love letter writing.
“I wrote love letters to my wife,” said Mattison. “We are now married so I would say they were successful. My wife was in France studying abroad and we wrote every week.”
A modern love letter could be emailed, texted, tweeted, posted on a Facebook wall, or typed. But Mattison says that the most powerful love letters today would be in handwritten form.
“It is original and unusual to receive letters now,” said Mattison. “Think about it: someone sat down and took the time to think and compose and write a note for you.”
When looking for inspiration or searching for the right words to say, check out the great love letter writers of the past, such as those of William Shakespeare, Napoleon Bonaparte, Mark Twain, or James Joyce; just to name a few.
“Good writers borrow, great writers steal,” advised Mattison. “But the words you use should be relevant to the person you are writing the letter for.”
The Wittenberg Writing Center is currently offering help to all star-crossed lovers in need of assistance with composing love letters, emails, or notes. These compositions can be rhymed or unrhymed as the Writing Center has experts in both fields. As an additional incentive, the Writing Center is offering free temporary tattoos with a Valentine’s Day theme. If you can’t make the trip, however, Mattison has some very basic advice:
“Well, I think you have to consider audience, purpose, and genre. You know all the usual things for writing. The most important aspect of a love letter is that it not include the words, ‘Roses are red.’ It’s too clique. You can do a whole lot through language. Love letters offer up honest emotion.”
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so be thinking on how to word a love letter to woo your future beau. Slip it under your crush’s door, put it in his or her school mail box, leave it on his or her desk, or grab a boost of confidence and give it to him or her in person.
Mattison commented, “Given that Valentine’s Day is coming up, sit down and take the time to write a note to someone you love.”

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