February 24, 2024

No longer will the CDR be graced by the gentle conversations and kind words of Wittenberg’s beloved and esteemed Ann McGree. The long adored and cherished community member passed away on Jan. 30, at the age of 85.

Ann first came to Wittenberg in April 1980. She worked as a secretary to the School of Community Education for four years before transferring to the Education Department, where she served as a secretary as well. Before coming to Wittenberg, Ann worked as an administrative assistant for a record label in Cincinnati.

In more recent years, Ann was widely known as the friendly face at the CDR, swiping ID cards, wiping down tables and pushing in chairs. She made a point of talking to as many students and made every effort to learn about their studies, their backgrounds, and their aspirations.
“With an incredible knack for remembering names and faces to include parents, hometowns, passions, and majors, she could keep up with the fastest computers today,” reported Ann’s family in her obituary.
“She lived with the conviction that each student mattered, and that a personal, kind word could make all the difference,” said Pastor Rachel Tune in the eulogy to Ann that she delivered last week, “she did not just take the time for one student, or a few students – she got to know each and every one who walked through the door,” she recalled. Around Christmastime, Ann would even work long hours into the night writing personal cards to dozens of students that she had gotten to know over her years on campus.
For over 32 years, Ann remained a devoted and faithful member of the Wittenberg Community and always did everything in her power to make students feel right at home. She regularly attended various happenings on campus such as plays, parties, and sporting events. Her passion and love for every member of the Tiger Family was unquestionable.
Ann’s unwavering love for the Wittenberg community was not unreciprocated. Upon news of her passing, many students and alums shared their remembrances of her on Facebook. “When I list the things I love about Wittenberg, at the very top of the list is Ann, without a doubt” said one. “We will never forget the gifts of love and compassion Ann shared with so many of us,” said another.
Ann leaves behind Bill McGree, her husband of 63 years and large family of grandchildren and great grandchildren. But really, Ann belonged to an even larger family, a family of hundreds of Wittenberg students that have come and gone in years passed.
Ann’s funeral was held on Feb. 2. She remains close to Wittenberg’s campus as she was laid to rest at a location in Ferncliff Cemetery, overlooking Recitation Hall.

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