June 23, 2024

On any given day, the second floor of Recitation Hall is humming loudly, particularly centered around the President’s office. President Laurie Joyner’s day on Monday, March 24 started early “this morning at 4 a.m.” she told me.
When I arrived at 9:30 a.m., we were informed that Joyner had already started her meetings for the day. Over the course of two days, she partook in every other type of meeting, per her normal schedule,  including a faculty executive board (F.E.B) meeting.
My time with Joyner began with a formal sit-down interview. She told me about her backstory and her journey to the university. She said, “I don’t think people realize how intense this job really is.” After that statement it was time to meet with Vice-President of Finance and Administration, Robert Munson. During that meeting, the Vice-President briefed Joyner on a variety things regarding Wittenberg’s finances, and asked for guidance from her about what he will present to the Board of Directors in May.
Other events of that day included having lunch with an athletic director candidate, having a meeting with community members to continue discussion about the athletic director candidates, approving her staff’s time cards, taking a phone call with a financial ratings group, and a meeting with the Director of Communications.
Later that week, I caught up with the President to continue my story, however she herself, could not partake in this particular part. During this time, I sat in a meeting with her senior-level staff and with the architects that will be constructing the new indoor practice athletic facility. Inside this meeting, a lot of different things were discussed from how to fund the project, to what specific details the university wanted in the facility, as well as when Wittenberg will be able to brake ground on it.
After that, Joyner had lunch with an alumni member of the university at her house, swung by her office to wrap up some important work and then sat down with me for her final interview.
In this one-on-one, President Joyner wanted to make sure I knew what the function of the Board of Directors is and how a board meeting comes together.
Last but not least, my time with President Laurie Joyner ended by accompanying her on a walk to pick up a copy of “The Torch” and have a laugh with a few students in the student center.

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