June 18, 2024

“Friendships that last a lifetime.” – Kelsey Matson, ’14
“We miss hanging out with friends. And weighing less because of all the walking.” – David Hiser, ’93, and Cheryl Hiser, ’94
“I was here when John Lobach was shot and killed on campus in 1969; [But the] best thing that happens after graduation is getting back together with my sorority sisters.” – Pamela Tuke Zeck (Gamma Phi Beta), ’70
“I miss being in the choir, and we were with the Gamma Phis, and I miss having rooms with music coming out of them, live.” – Pam Neely Tomkins, ’70
“This is my first time back in 20 years, and for me, it was an immediate sense of warmth, family and community.” – Jeff Jones, ’94
“Meeting people that you haven’t seen in x amount of years.” – Lou Albright, ’64
“The one thing I really miss is the professors; here [they] are really good at what they do, and I miss that one-on-one interaction.  And seeing my fraternity brothers.”  Alec Biehl (Lambda Chi Alpha), ’14
“To see how beautifully and how the campus has grown.” – Wendy Schoenlein Schwerin, ’64, and Richard Schwerin, ’64

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