June 18, 2024

1. BE on time
No one likes to be kept waiting.
Likewise, if your professor is in another advising session, and he or she has left the door open, do not be afraid to make your presence known; you should not be kept waiting either!
If for some reason you are kept waiting, do not rush through your session. If you need more time, make another appointment, or ask if you can email him or her the remainder of your questions if you feel comfortable with that.
2. BE Prepared
It can be a good idea to have a transcript with you or a General Education Program Evaluation, which can be found on MyWitt under “My Admin Stuff > Student Academic Info.”
Come with a list of courses you would be interested in taking, and those that you need to take.
Have a couple of back up plans for your general education courses — especially if you’re a freshman — since they fill up a lot of the time.
If you are undeclared, be prepared to discuss what you might want to major or minor in.
To find the classes you need for your (intended) major or minor, you can either find a list on the Wittenberg website by using the search box, or by going to the department and picking one up.
3. ASK your questions
About classes: What does this class focus on? How much work will I have to put into it? Do you think I can manage it?
About your major program: Can I take this class even though I am not admitted to the program or do not have all of the prerequisites?
About your time here: Can you help me map out a four-year plan?
4. DON’T be nervous
Your adviser is there to help; he or she may try to be very realistic — even pessimistic — with you, but they are just trying to make sure you are not disappointed if you do not get into every class you want.
5. DO be honest
If you are thinking about changing your major or dropping a minor, be honest about it. Your adviser (again) wants to help you, and that does not include forcing you to do something you are not interested in. Just be honest and upfront, and they will respect your decision.
6. TELL your adviser what you want
If you want to study abroad, now is the time to let him or her know. If you want to pick up a minor, now is the time to let him or her know. If you want to take summer classes, let him or her know!
If you really are not sure what you want to do, see if your adviser can help you think about that a little more.

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