May 22, 2024

At the beginning of February, Cylie Hodge was elected the new president of the class of 2018. When the previous president, Sean Doyle, decided to step down, Hodge ran for the position and was elected into the place.
Voting opened on Feb. 2 on the MyWitt Portal and continued for two hours on Feb. 3 to make up for two hours that MyWitt was down on the previous day. Hodge was the previous secretary of the class of 2018 when she decided to step up to run for president. She stated that she wished to keep the 2018 class cabinet bond together and working well as a group. She ran against two other members of the class of 2018.
“I was pretty excited when I found out,” said Hodge about her new position as president. “I was almost crying, actually.”
Hodge said that she would like to focus efforts of the class of 2018 on the class bonding, philanthropy and fundraising activities that each class cabinet is required to put on. Next week, the class cabinet will sponsor a Witt Wednesday event called “Game Down, Mic Up.” The event will feature a game night and open mic for students to spend an evening having fun. While this is a class of 2018 bonding event, it will be open for all of campus to participate. Hodge also noted that plans for the philanthropy event and fundraising activity are in the works.
“I really hope to bring [together] . . . not just the cabinet, but the entire class,” Hodge said. “I think it’s really beneficial, especially as you get closer to like senior year. How . . .  close some of the seniors are . . . I want to be able to get our class to that stage by that time, and if not, even closer.”
Hodge stated that she would like to bring more fun and dedication to the position. She hopes to institute more class bonding activities and keep the class cabinet strong and working together smoothly.
“We have a really great cabinet,” Hodge said. “I really just want our cabinet to be able to work together really well. The cabinet’s always willing to be there. They all have really great ideas that they’re talking about. They’re always volunteering to do stuff.”
Since Hodge has taken over as president, her previous position of secretary has been filled by Olivia Dominguez. The new cabinet is already working together to create more class bonding activities and get the class of 2018 more involved in campus events.

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