April 13, 2024

Changes came to Wittenberg’s Post 95 last week. The pasta station know as “Pastabilities” has been retooled as the brand new “The Soup Club.” The Soup Club is now open and fully operational.
When asked what was the motivation behind the shift, Wittenberg’s Head of Dining Services Noah Ristau remarked, “Student insight and feedback: at this frigid time of year, we have heard loud and clear that students are looking for a greater variety of hearty soups, and identified that Post 95 would be the perfect destination to try out a rotating menu of four different soups every day.”
Ristau went on to add that the change comes at the peak of soup season, citing a 57 percent increase in sales of the warm product during the month of January.
The project was the result of Dining Services’s efforts, including Executive Chef Brandon Cory and Post 95 Supervisor Dawn Kolb, who both played an instrumental role in the project’s implementation.
Students can expect to see some new items at The Soup Club. According to Ritsau, The Soup Club will feature something entirely new.
“The Soup Club features a completely different product line and production method than the soups in the CDR and Sandella’s. Each day offers exciting variations on four soup bases: broth, cream, vegetarian and an ethnic selection.”
This is the first change to one of the Post stations since January 2013, when Pastabilites was introduced. The site had previously featured El Tigre Arriba and Wrapz. According to Ritsau the physical changes need to make these adjustments were simple.
“The space and its digital signage were designed to be flexible for quick changes between concepts and features,” Ritsau said.
Ritsau went on to say the space’s flexibility has been an advantage for Dining Services:
“We work hard to consider all of our students’ different priorities when it comes to balancing their nutrition and lifestyle. The space has allowed us to try out four different soups every day, which promotes a range of opportunities for healthy choices and exciting flavors.”
Ritsau noted that students can expect more changes in Post 95 as the season changes:
“We anticipate circling back to Pastabilities when soup-weather is behind us, but would love to know what you want to see! Should we try something else? Again, the space is flexible, so we’re up for anything that will fit – and fit the tastes and interests of our students.”
Ritsau went on to encourage feedback about the changes and the future of Post:
“We love feedback on twitter/instagram @witteats, via online comment cards at www.wittenberg.edu/dining, or by talking to us in the dining operations,” he said.
When asked what made him most nervous about the project, Risau joked that he hoped Seinfeld fans would find the “Soup Nazi” reference that quickly flashes across the menu board.

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