February 24, 2024

2/5/15  Officers were dispatched to assist the Springfield Police Division in reference to a traffic crash involving students. A non-student driver was transporting several Wittenberg Students back to campus. All three students were transported to the hospital, and Student Development was notified.
2/5/15  Officers were dispatched  to Thomas Library in reference to a theft of some psychology books. A staff member found the covers to six books in the trash. All of the books are used in classes in the current academic year.
2/6/15  Officers were dispatched to Krieg Hall in reference to a theft complaint. A student advised she left a violin in her practice room on Wednesday, and when she returned on Friday it was missing. This incident is under investigation.
2/8/15  Officers were dispatched to Firestine Hall in reference to an assault. Officers met with both students. After reviewing some witness video footage of the incident, officers were able to determine the primary aggressor in the assault. The primary aggressor was cited into the Dean’s office for the infractions.
2/9/15  While on an unrelated call in the 1100 block of Woodlawn, officers observed a small bag of green vegetable matter lying in the yard by the front steps. The residents stated they had never seen the property before. The item was submitted into property.
2/11/15  Officers were dispatched to police headquarters in reference to a theft complaint at Ferncliff Hall. Officers spoke with a student and a non-student, who stated a former roommate had removed a mini fridge without consent.  The Area Coordinator was able to retrieve the item and return it to the student.
2/11/15  Officers were dispatched to Woodlawn Hall to meet a student in reference to threatening and harassing text messages being sent to her from her ex-boyfriend, who is a non-student. Officers attempted to locate the non-student without success. This incident is under investigation.

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