June 18, 2024

“My friends make me happy — especially now. And hugs make me happy as well.” — Emma Brems, ’16
“My little brother. His name is B.J. He’s like the nerdiest person I’ve ever met, but, like, the coolest at the same time.” — Katice Jones, ’15
“My mom called me because my dad drove himself to the hospital with chest pains. They ran tests and found out it was just a pulled muscle. I’m so happy he’s alright.” — Amanda Wampler, ’17
“Animals and nature and being outdoors.” — Sam Gress, ’18
“A walk in the woods in the snow.” — Mark DeVilbiss, associate dean for residence life
“James Taylor, Kenny Logins, Carol King. You probably don’t know them; they’re not Witt students. On the record.” — Bryan Hoggatt, ’17
“Listening to 60s music. It’s all happy.” — Sean McCullough, ’15

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