February 24, 2024

I would like to invite you to the more chill side of things at the Chill Corner. Every week, a relaxing source of music will be highlighted, so you can discover music that can help you catch some great vibes and find your peace. All sorts of genres will be covered, so there can be a complete and diverse collection of music sources to assist you on your journey towards peace and relaxation. If you have any chill sources of music on your mind and want to share them with the Chill Corner, feel free to shoot us an email at thetorchchillcorner@gmail.com.
“Blunted Beatz: Beats You Can Vibe To”
Blunted Beatz is a hip-hop beat-making team from Hamburg, Germany. They pay homage to the old school hip-hop, funk and R&B sound through their melodic and creative beats. The instrumentals put out by these guys are off-the-charts. These are not instrumentals that are designed to destroy your eardrums at parties; they are specifically designed to be relaxing and give listeners good vibes. Because of their chillness, these instrumentals can make a perfect playlist for studying as well. So, if you feel the need to lay back and enjoy some chill tunes, I highly recommend the works created by Blunted Beatz as an addition to your music selection. Their YouTube channel is a great place to check out all of their works, which total over 200. Whether you’re trying to relax for a study session or just feel like mellowing out, Blunted Beatz has a great sound to vibe to.
Recommended Works:
“Weekends” – R&B Instrumental
“Sessions” – Smooth Hip-Hop Instrumental
“Flawless” – Guitar Hip-Hop Instrumental

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