May 19, 2024

The word is out, Timeflies will be headlining Wittfest.
Boston based duo, composed of Rob “Rez” Resnick and Cal Shapiro, first gained notoriety on YouTube with creative interpretations of popular songs known as “Timeflies Tuesday.” Their music pulls from many generas including hip hop, r&b, rap, pop, and electronic dance music (EDM).
They started writing their own music and put out their first studio album “Scotch Tape” in 2011. Their follow up album “After Hours” was released in 2014, along with an extensive list of demos and EPs.
In 2013 the pair announced the founding of their own label “Forty8Fifty,” and extension of Island Def Jam Music Group, the label under which they will release any future albums.
Many students were thrilled with the announcement of this year’s headliner.
“I was pretty geeked since I was very into Timeflies when I was an underclassman and now they’re coming for my senior year” said senior Jess Asperger “I’m super excited to see them again, and I hope we can party with Cal and Rez after. That would just make my year.”
Many others were jazzed as well upon hearing the news.
“I was very excited and actually couldn’t believe it cause freshman year a friend of mine started a group to get them to come here and I didn’t think would actually happen,” said senior Sarah Nelson. “I’m hoping to hear some of their old music that I used to listen too.”
“I love a lot of their older stuff, natty beats is still my favorite because they made an entire song with a rack of the smooth Pilsner we drink in excess, Natural Light. It really showcased their talent as a duo,” added Aspberger
Students are ramping up for the day centered around celebration of another completed academic year.
“I’m stoked for Wittfest and I can’t believe it’s my last one! I just hope the weather is nice enough to spend the day outside,” said senior Shelby Hart.
Some are focused on the gathering itself looking to bond as a larger entity.
“It gives us a reason for us to come out and be one big campus community,” said sophomore Sterling Milner.
“I’m excited because it is a day set aside to send time with friends and have a good time,” said junior Charlie Davis.
While the majority of students are excited, some have expressed discontent with the late announcement of the headlining act.
“I’m looking forward to it because it’s a Wittenberg tradition, but I’m not as excited because there wasn’t very much preparation for it, we usually know the band a month or two before hand,” said junior Brooke Raymond.

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