June 18, 2024

4/17/15  Officers were dispatched to an area on E. Cecil St. in reference to a black male running down the alley with two Wittenberg chairs. Officers were able to locate the chairs but were unable to locate the male.
4/17/15  Officers observed a male and female on the sidewalk at the intersection of Cassilly St. and N. Fountain Ave. As the female was leaving, the male caught up with her, and she slapped him in the face. The parties involved were identified as students. The male refused to pursue criminal charges, but parties were advised not to have contact with each other.
4/18/15  Officers observed a large amount of trash at a residence on W. College Ave. Officers spoke with the student resident and advised him to clean up the yard. Officers issued a Properties Violation Summons to the residents.
4/18/15  Officers were dispatched to N. Fountain Ave. in reference to four juveniles tipping over a port-o-john. Officers located the males on Garfield Ave. and transported them to the construction site to clean up the mess. The juveniles were released.
4/21/15  Officers were dispatched to the intersection of Bill Edwards Dr. and E. Campus Dr. in reference to a trash can of fire. Officers were able to use a fire extinguisher to extinguish the flames. No foul play is suspected.
4/2415  Officers were dispatched to a residence in the 500 block of N. Wittenberg Ave. in reference to an assault complaint. Officers met with a student who stated she was struck in the face by another student. The student who was assaulted suffered a laceration on her lip and some scratches on her face. The student who was responsible for the assault was charged with assault and ordered into court.

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