July 14, 2024

Wittenberg’s fraternities and sororities paired up and participated in a series of competitive (and fun) activities for the yearly campus-wide phenomenon known as Greek Week.
greek2Each Greek Week has a theme that encompasses the activities performed during the week. The theme for this year’s Greek Week was the Olympics. Sororities and fraternities paired up to make teams that each represented a continent. These groups competed against each other in several events in their quests to win gold. Some of these events included dodgeball, tug-of-war and trivia.
Though all the teams had a blast teaming up and competing against each other, these competitions and activities weren’t put on for their own sake. Greek Week’s deeper message is for the Greek community to remind each other – and the whole campus – of the respective philanthropies they support, and to foster a stronger bond in the Greek community. Each organization hoped that by the end of the week, more people in the Greek community – and the campus in general – would be more aware of their philanthropies and the purposes they serve. Members from different sororities and fraternities with all different kinds of people get to know each other better and to work together in achieving their goals.
Another noticeable theme from this year’s Greek Week was confronting the many stereotypes that encompass both fraternities and sororities. The week concluded in Pam Evans Smith Arena, where each team performed their long-awaited “lip sync” dance routines, and each team’s “Greek God/Goddess” showcased their respective talents.

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