June 18, 2024

Connor Leimer, a 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Kansas, visited campus last Friday on his “dorm tour,” a tour in which he is stopping by college campuses to promote his new album “Postcard.” Leimer performed some of his songs in Ferncliff Residence Hall. Instead of reviewing his performance — as I was unable to attend — let’s explore this new indie-pop/rock album.
“Groove,” the first track on the album, is an upbeat, light-hearted love song with an alternative-pop feel. It beckons the listener to go on a journey through this record with Leimer, and has a great, “groovy” melody.
“Six Days Ago,” the next track, is a heartfelt piece that focuses on more of the darker sides of relationships. In it, Leimer laments the loss of a lover, who left with nothing more than a note.
“A Girl Named June,” the following track, has a great indie-pop sound, and is another expressive piece to reiterate the more positive and beautiful side of loving someone, and the things they do that make you love them.
“Keep Knocking” was one of the best on the album, reminiscent of musical legends such as Bob Dylan. A simple vocal and guitar piece, “Keep Knocking” is an angst-filled duet (with Gracie Schram’s guest vocals) of fighting to hold onto a lover and beg for them to open up.
“Postcard,” the album’s namesake, is a great indie track with a rock feel. It expresses the desire of breaking away from the small town to find fulfillment, but still holding onto the special people and things that made it home.
The sixth song, “All Said & Over,” is a beautiful pop track that discusses the joys of the past summer, and hints at some confusion over a summer love.
“Sunset” continues the upbeat dance vibe of previous tracks, and is another cute love song.
“Doorbell,” on the other hand, is a more mellow piece with some slower funk-like elements in the instrumentation, and talks about a lover leaving.
“Driving,” the penultimate recording, is a very catchy piece with a great piano melody. It is a reflection on a relationship, questioning who or what they were, and coming to accept that everything that happens in life is for some great reason.
The final track, “Thinking About You,” rounds out the album nicely. It discusses thinking about all of the things in life that have changed, and finding ways to keep moving on.
“Postcard” is a brilliant album, with heartfelt lyrics, great indie melodies and compelling themes that make the listener contemplate the intricacies in love and in life.

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