June 23, 2024

10/06/2015 to 10/07/2015 Officers were dispatched to the Student Center in reference to a theft from an office. Officers met with a staff member, who stated an envelope was missing from his office. The envelope contained $501.00 in assorted U.S. currency. No suspects were listed at the time of this report.
10/10/2015 Officers were dispatched to the HPER Center in reference to a medical emergency. Officers met with a student, who stated she was carrying a friend on her back and lost her balance. The student fell and chipped her tooth and scratched her face. A medic was summoned, and after an evaluation, it was determined that the student did not need to be transported to the hospital.
10/09/2015 to 10/12/2015 Officers were dispatched to the Chapel in reference to a report of criminal damaging. A staff member reported an unknown person attempted to pry their way into the projector room. No suspects were listed at the time of the report.
10/24/2015 Officers were dispatched to the New Residence Hall in reference to an odor of marijuana. Officers met with a student and determined which room the odor was emitting. Officers could hear students in the room, but the residents would not open the door. The on call dean was notified of the situation, and he gave the officers permission to enter. Once inside the room, officers found two students. The room was hazy and smelled of marijuana. One student admitted to smoking marijuana, and the other student’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy. The students brought out approximately 3 grams of marijuana, a green bong, and a wooden pipe. Officers searched the room and found a gas mask used for the bong, a mason jar with marijuana residue, a small bowl attachment with residue, a jar with THC oil residue, and a battery used for a pipe. This case has been referred to student development.
10/24/2015 Officers responded to Ferncliff Hall in reference to a belligerent intoxicated student. A student stated that another student was making him and other students feel uncomfortable. Officers spoke to the student that was causing the issue outside of his room. He was having an issue getting into his room. Officers asked him to perform field sobriety tests which he failed. Officers asked for his ID to verify his age, and the student stated that he was old enough. It was obvious to the officers that the student was intoxicated and very agitated. The student became verbally combative as a group of students began to gather. After warning the student several times to cease and desist in his actions, officers placed him under arrest for Underage Consumption and Disorderly Conduct. This incident has been referred to Student Development for review.
10/24/2015 Officers were dispatched to New Residence Hall in reference to an argument. A student and a former student were arguing over family issues and religion. At one point during the argument, the non-student flailed her arms striking the student. It appeared that the non-student had been living in the room. Officers had the non-student gather her belongings and leave. The reporting officer had both parties’ complete written statements which have been attached to this report. This incident has been referred to Student Development for review.
10/27/2015 Officers were dispatched to a residence in the 800 Blk. of N. Fountain Av. in reference to a group of males throwing beer bottles at a residence located on W. Cassilly St. Officers spoke with several of the residents and guests located at the residence. Officers were able to identify several males responsible for throwing the bottles. During the course of the investigation officers could detect an odor of marijuana, but could not locate the source of the odor. This matter has been referred to Student Development for review.

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