June 18, 2024

Pocket Lint is known for drawing large crowds to all their performances, and after going to their Winter Sketch Show last Friday and Saturday, I can see why. The show was performed in the New Student Theater in the Springfield Art Museum, which was a nice switch up from the usual Founders or Koch Hall venues.
With almost a full house audience on Friday, the show was approximately an hour of nonstop laughter. With 15 skits throughout the show, the skits covered a wide variety of genres and topics, everything from politics, “Mission Impossible,” D.A.R.E. and anti-drug commercials, to SeaWorld. There was something for everyone to find humor in within the spoofs and skits.
Some of my favorite highlights from the night included the “Arm Wrestling,” “Pocket Lint as POCKET LINT” and “Mission: Somewhat Difficult.” The “Arm Wrestling” skit featured sophomore Emily Harrison and junior Kaylie Taylor dressed in leotards, fake arm wrestling to unnecessarily intense music.
The show opener, “Pocket Lint as POCKET LINT,” featured the Pocket Lint stars mocking themselves and the process of how they come up with their sketches, a funny insight into their rehearsals and creative process.
Lastly, “Mission: Somewhat Difficult” had everyone laughing as junior Sam Stilwell and senior Frank Sullivan dressed in all black (including black tights), rolled, jumped and ran around as awkward “secret agents.”
The Pocket Lint members in the show, in addition to Harrison, Taylor, Stilwell and Sullivan, include freshman Steven Ogden, senior Sam Peregrine, senior Emma Kamps and sophomore Sarah White.

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