December 7, 2023

dglove“And then I met Dre,” said senior DaShawn Glover, known as D.Glove, to describe his initial interactions with freshman Logan McCord.
The two met at the beginning of the fall semester with a similar passion for music. They both had intentions of doing something new and productive, and have now recently released a mixtape, or “EP” (extended play), entitled “We Are the Music Makers,” which came out on Feb. 10. The tag team also released a music video and song titled “Thinking Out Loud” on YouTube Feb. 8.
Glover said: “As college kept progressing and I kept making more music and collaborating with more people, I knew this year I had to do something big.”
McCord stated: “I wanted to make a project that was all positivity and would spread love, and I know that is the same thing D wanted to do. We began to talk, and we both had the same idea.”
The two not only created a work of art, but also combined their ideas and musical gifts into a two-man group that they call “Profound.” Why Profound?
In a humorous voice, McCord said: “Homie was wearing the hat that said ‘profound’ all the time. It stuck.” Then, he went on to say in a more serious tone, “No matter what we talk about, it is going to make you think. It is going to provoke deep thought.”
“Profound to me, from the point of view of a writer, is extremely deep thought and something that will inspire,” Glover said.
Freshman Chris Riviere has taken time out to listen to the music of Profound, and considers it well to the ears. He stated: “I like their music, and think it is thought-provoking. There are some parts where I need clarification, but overall I think it is good.”
Profound seems to not only be the group name, but the ideas in regard to the music and vision that they are trying to send out to others. As far as reaching out to others, campus may not be aware of this duo, but some, such as Riviere, have already been touched by the music.
“Overall, I want Profound to spread the light and knowledge around the campus. It goes with the motto ‘we have the light and we pass it on to others,’” Glover said.
McCord stated: “I think overall the project is about being you, loving others and loving God.”
Profound hopes to perform their music for Wittenberg students at WittFest this upcoming April.

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