May 30, 2024

What is you opinion on derogatory words that minority groups, women and groups of certain sexual orientations are taking back and using as their own? Should others be allowed to say them also? Should no one be allowed to use them?
“I feel that it depends on how the word is being used . . . sometimes the words are used as a camaraderie and closeness. It’s along the lines of a nickname. You wouldn’t use the nickname of someone you’re not close with, would you?” — DaShawn Glover, ’16
“I don’t think that anybody should say these words [no matter your] race,  gender [or] sexual orientation.” — Sean Kelleher, ’16
“I think when it come to the ‘N word,’ when black people say it, it’s okay, but when white people say it, it’s not [because] I think that it’s culture appropriation. That name wasn’t given to them, but they took it and made it popular. Just like when a man calls a woman a b*tch; it’s different when a man says it [verses a woman].” — Justin Wilhite, ’17
“I think there should be boundaries. People take things different ways, so you have to be respectful.” — Sarah Billiard, ’18

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