December 5, 2022

As the seasons are changing, so is fashion. With dropping temperatures approaching, new fashion trends will soon be among us.
I anticipate a mixture of new and old trends to surface this season, including: layering, bulky-oversized sweaters, neutral tones statement accessories.
Fall attire the past couple of years has maintained relatively similar styles with casual, preppy outfits consisting of mostly sweaters, jeans, boots, scarves and felt hats. But what will be the intriguing new aspect to the traditionally preppy and cozy attire in the upcoming months?
I predict that statement accessories will continue to be an easy, fun way for people to dress up their outfits whatever season it may be. Whether it be a patterned scarf, polarized sunglasses, or tall booties, accessories will always remain a curtail element to outfits.
However, there are some controversies over the newest fad, chokers. Black, velvet chokers are seen on everyone from pedestrians to runway models, but what is the general consensus?
Women seem to be embracing the trend, but only 27 out of 40 males on Wittenberg’s campus say the trend is cool. Regardless, I predict this trend to carry on for at least a couple more seasons along with the continuing trend of felt and baseball hats.
Another growing trend are hats. Many women are embracing hats as a quick way to dress up an outfit or make an outfit sporty (and truth be told, in many cases, they’re just used to postpone showering).
Blanket scarves and ponchos will continue to be a go-to with the dropping temperatures, as women are embracing oversized clothing in contrast with skinny jeans and short skirts that accompany their bulky counterparts.
As for the men on campus, there will most likely remain a mixture of students who wear athletic apparel all year and the guys who dress to impress. A typical preppy male can be expected to be wearing a sweater or pullovers with skinny jeans, Converse, and a baseball hat.
The only question that remains is: who will still be sporting the man bun?

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