May 19, 2024

Witt Wednesday, where parties thrive and trivia masters triumph. Another bar night where late nighters take themselves to McMurray’s or Station 1 to cash in on drink specials. A day where the student body decides it’s time to kick back and relieve some stress.
The party scene on campus Wednesday nights are almost always in full force, with multiple parties scattered across campus, good vibes and better friends. Don’t let the small size of this D3 school fool you, students at Witt cash in on Wednesday nights. This year especially, Delta Tau Delta, a fraternity on campus, have been the champions of Wednesday nights thus far.
When asked about his first few Witt Wednesdays on campus, Ty Beatty, ‘18, had to say was, “Lit. Lit. Lit. Lit. Lit.”
We thank you for keeping the Witt Wednesday party scene alive. To all the early risers on Thursday… welcome to college.
Even if you’re not into the party scene, then Founders Pub, located downstairs in the Student Center, is always a great place to go. Home to the classic trivia nights where students test their knowledge on pop culture against each other, as well as discounted wings and happy hour drink specials from 7 to 9. Some student favorites at the bar include alcoholic milkshakes, personal pizzas and PBR. Open from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m., it’s a great location for students to take a break from school work for the night.
Directly across from Founders Pub is Doppelgängers, Wittenberg’s free game room. Bring your friends to battle it out in various arcade games and ping pong, or just stroll in for a relaxed game of billiards.
“Pool is definitely my go to if I ever go in there, it’s free and it never disappoints,” Beatty said.
The only thing you need is your student ID, so you can check out different equipment for games. And it’s open every night, not just Wednesday nights.
Quite honestly, its less about what you do and who you do it with, and more about the overall spirit of a Witt Wednesday. It’s the middle of the week and you’ve been working your butt off, so kick back and chill for a second.
Do something with your friends if you want; you don’t even have to go out, just relax and give yourself some you-time to relieve stress from school work. I don’t even know who coined the term Witt Wednesday, but bless their soul for giving Witt students a little hope during the middle of the week.

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