February 24, 2024

Each year in early fall, Wittenberg’s English and theater departments team up on a weekend trip to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Canada for a weekend full of laughs, excitement and endless Shakespeare jokes.
“It was another successful trip,” Englsih professor Cynthia Richards said.
The group, totaling 25, all attended a production of “Macbeth” on Friday evening, shortly after settling into the Stratford Hospital Residence. Students were also given the freedom to explore the town of Stratford shortly before the show.
After “Macbeth,” the group was able to hear from two actors in the “Macbeth” production who answered all the students’ questions and provided stories of success and learned lessons for the group.
On Saturday, students had the morning to once again explore Stratford. Many chose to spend time with their friends and classmates, while others chose to explore and shop.
“It was a really great time to get to spend time with my close friends,” Amanda Rogus, ’17, said.
Later that Saturday evening, students had the option to see plays such as: “Breath of Kings – Redemption,” “Bunny,” “The Hypochondriac,” “Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe,” “All My Sons,” “As You Like It” and “A Little Night Music.”
“It was a really great theater… I was really excited to see three spectacular plays,” Rogus said.
The group had ample opportunities to spend time and bond with one another over their combined love of Shakespeare, especially his plays. Most seemed to enjoy all of their selections and had a great time overall, coming back with a collection of mementos.
Although the Shakespeare productions will continue throughout the fall, Wittenberg’s English and theater departments will not have another chance to return until fall of 2017, in which they will have yet another fun-filled Canadian adventure.

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