May 19, 2024

Fishing is a sport that is enjoyed by a wide array of people. From big fish stories, exotic fishing trips or just killing time by casting a line out waiting for a fish to bite with some friends, if you’re a fan of fishing then Wittenberg’s catch and release fishing club, Fishenberg, is the club for you.
Countless men, women and children enjoy relaxing by a lake and casting a line, in hope of catching their next big fish story. However, in a city like Springfield, that’s hard to do alone. By joining Wittenberg University’s fishing club, you can find a group of friends who meet weekly to go on fishing trips, learn new fishing techniques and do all things fishing-related.
Fishenberg was created in January of 2013 by a group of friends who were all drawn together by their love and passion towards fishing. Ethan Olson, ‘15; Chase Beach, ’15; Tyler Rudy, ’16; and Kevin Degulis, ’17, are all co-founders of the club. Their goal was to create a club that any fishing fan can enjoy and engage in any activity regarding fishing.
Degulis said the purpose of the club is to create a culture for the fishing enthusiasts on Wittenberg’s campus.
“We want to instill traditions among the Wittenberg student body that educate our peers about, and emphasize the beauty of fishing,” Degulis said.
Fishenberg president Frank O’loughlin, ’17, has played a huge role in developing the club into one of Wittenberg’s favorite ways of passing time.
“Fishenberg is a pretty informal club; you can come and go as you please,” O’loughlin said. “Everyone is welcome, as long as you bring your own fishing pole.”
The club is currently planning a fishing trip to Northern Michigan to spend a weekend catching steelhead trout. The trip is planned for late fall, but no specific date has been picked yet. So there is still time to join these fishermen and come “Fish Witt Us.”

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