April 13, 2024

Wittenberg University Student Education Association [WUSEA] is an educational outreach club open to all Wittenberg students. The club’s mission is to promote relationships with not only majors and minors within the education department but also with faculty and the surrounding Springfield community.
Kamyia Fletcher, executive public relations member of WUSEA, shared her excitement to be a part of the club.
“When I joined WUSEA I was really excited to learn new things and see all the resources out there and how to become a great teacher, now as an executive member I get really excited at the chance to help new members do the same,” Fletcher said.
While the club is open to everyone, it focuses on helping education majors and minors find professional development opportunities in Springfield. Currently the club has approximately 15 members, with the hope that the club will grow significantly. Students are highly encouraged to join or attend a meeting if they have any interest in education or service.
Joining WUSEA provides Witt students with special opportunities including working hands-on in classrooms around Springfield. WUSEA members get to work directly with children of different age groups and backgrounds, allowing for diverse field experience and the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of many children. Members also have the privilege of volunteering at The Ark which is an afterschool program that provides a safe place for children needing supervision after school.
Coleen Kletzly, ’17, shared that one of her favorite experiences from WUSEA was visiting children at a Springfield elementary school on Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Kletzly, along with other members, got to read books and share slushies and popcorn with the kids as they celebrated the iconic literary figure.
As a WUSEA member, not only do you work on academic based content with children, but you also establish and grow relationships with them during the process, which is “very rewarding,” according to Kletzly.
“WUSEA means a lot to me because when I first started at Witt, within the department I was really shy and not really sure what resources were here on campus for education majors,” Fletcher said.
To join and learn more about this opportunity, meetings are advertised at least a week in advance via their Facebook page “WUSEA”, email, along with flyers and other promotional materials posted around campus. For additional questions regarding meeting times or the club, contact Kamyia Fletcher by email: fletcherk@wittenberg.edu, or get into contact with any other executive member.

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