June 18, 2024

There are more than 70 major and minor programs at Wittenberg. Coming in as an undecided freshman, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what to choose as your major of study. Major spotlights can help break down the facts and opinions of current students within that major. This week the major spotlight is political science or “poli-sci” as many students say.
“By developing skills in critical thinking, written communication and data analysis, all in the context of appreciating the key role that politics plays in human interactions from the local to the global level,” according to Wittenberg’s political science webpage.
The webpage also lists all of the ways a political science degree can be used.
“The political science department here at Wittenberg has given me a better understanding of how government directly and indirectly affects our lives everyday,” Derek Williams, ’18, and political science major said.
Part of poli sci’s mission is integrating classroom theory with hands-on political experience. Another important aspect of the political science department is through “close faculty interaction,” the political science webpage goes on to say.
Students within the major develop essential skills that are crucial to conduct political analysis, evaluate political issues and institutions, and understand the important role diversity plays within political contexts. Specifically, poli sci majors can expect to develop and focus on skills of critical thinking, written and oral communication, and data analysis, all of which are “increasingly sought after in a variety of careers,” according to the webpage.
In addition to numerous, diverse classes, political science majors have the opportunity to participate in innovative internship programs. Internship opportunities include: the Local Government Management Internship program, the Lutheran College of Washington program and the D.C. semester program, which gives students the ability to intern with places such as the Congress, the White House, major news organizations, political parties, interest groups and government agencies.
Students also have access to local internship and independent study opportunities with Wittenberg’s Hagen Center and area prosecutor’s offices. For those interested in studying abroad there is also a faculty-led summer program in Poland.
There is something for every politically inclined student in the political science department. For those interested in a major or minor, the political science department chair is professor James P. Allan, jallan@wittenberg.edu.
To learn more about the department, follow @wittpolisci on Twitter, Instagram and “like” their Facebook page.

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