May 29, 2024

Want to learn how to prevent the cold, flu, viruses and STDs? Here are some helpful tips [listed on the right] from Trecia Nacelles, Wittenberg’s Nurse Practitioner on campus.
Narcelles welcomes students to stop by the Health Center f they are dealing with any sort of illness.
“Students are always welcome to come and be seen. If we suspect the flu, mono or a sore throat, we can test for strep thorat A, Influenza and mono,” Narcelles said.
Vince Carter, from the Clark County Health Department, will be in the Health Center on Oct. 4, Oct. 11, Nov. 1, Nov. 8, Dec. 6 and Dec. 13 to see students. The Health Center is sometimes able to give out free injectables to those who require it, depending on severity of the situation.
“If someone is really sick we have injectable medicine for stomach viruses, migrane, asthma attacks and some for bad allergies,” Narcelles said.
As much as Wittenberg wants you to pass it on, not everything is always worth giving.
Some Helpful Tips….
For a Cold:
1.Wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer.
2.When you’re coughing, cough into your elbow, or shirt.
3.Don’t contaminate others.
4.Drink a lot of fluids (water, juice, Gatorade, clear liquids).
For the Flu:
1.Get the vaccine free of charge if you have insurance. Local pharmacies
are able to do the vaccines as well.
2.Wittenberg Health Clinic is able to give some out as well.
3.Clark County Health Department can also give out flu shots.
For a Stomach Virus:
1.Make sure if you’re living with someone that you are disinfecting the
dishes, bathroom toilet handles and faucet handles on a regular basis.
2.Use plastic silverware and dishes.
3.Use bleach solution (half with water and half with bleach).
4.Using cleaning products with bleach.
For Sexually Transmitted Diseases:
1.Make sure to use a condom.
2.Get checked for STD’s when you become sexually active.
3.Get pelvic exams.
4.There is free HIV screening on the first and second Tuesday of the month in the Health Clinic.

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