May 21, 2024

Tis the season for flannels and fall attire. Aside from preppy classics like Bean boots, vests, what can we expect this season?
Nineties simplistic, grunge style is slowly making its way back into main stream fashion; it can even be spotted around Wittenberg campus. My last fashion column detailed chokers, a ‘90s staple that has made its way onto high fashion runways. ‘90s babies pride themselves on the simplistic styles that have carried over into many genres of fashion.
To incorporate ‘90s style into your wardrobe this season there are some classic pieces you will want to purchase that can be layered and styled to create multiple looks.
To create a casual ‘90s class inspired look, a cropped white t-shirt with black hems can be worn with high waisted, dark wash jeans. You can most likely find these items at stores like Forever 21 and PacSun.
If you’re willing to sift through some racks you can also find similar items at Goodwill. The closest Goodwill to Witt’s campus is located right on Bechtle Avenue!
To complete this ‘90s-inspired class look, pair the outfit with black converse or black-and-white Adidas Superstar shoes, and cuff your jeans once or twice, [the hemmed jean look is also very in style].
Some other ‘90s staples that can easily apply to multiple outfits are jean jackets, loose-fitting bomber jackets, chokers, and funky sunglasses. Adding some of the accessories listed previously can also easily dress up anyone for a night out or when you’re feeling extra nostalgic.
For a fancier ‘90s style — possibly a “going-out” outfit — use the simplistic colors while incorporating more accessories. Using simple T-shirts are okay as long as you pair them with a high waisted jean skirt or possibly a loose fitting t-shirt dress. To dress up the look, wear your hair up in a top knot, high pony or tease it with soft curls. Pairing simple hair with the simple clothes might leave you wondering how this seems anymore dressed up. This is where your accessories come into play.
Chokers are possibly the biggest accessory right now and some of the best online selections are at Urban Outfitters. Felt chokers in red, black and grey are the most popular with more simple gold and silver metal chains making their way into main stream fashion as well. Pairing this high-fitting necklace with plain clothes spices up the outfit and becomes a focal point.
Another way to dress up a ‘90s outfit is with a bold lipstick. The grungier ‘90s style reflects deep purple lipsticks and even black, but lighter ‘90s style has transformed into more light pinks and glosses, all that represent the style but in different ways. Choose what you’re most comfortable with and let your lip color reflect your mood. The options are endless.
Fashion always comes back into style, so feel free to raid your mom or sister’s closet. Chances are they have some high waisted bottoms you can transform.
And boys, don’t be scared to slick that hair back and rock a leather jacket.

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