June 13, 2024

Hosting its second annual Euchre tournament in Founders Pub, the math workshop promoted its educational lab while players left their stress in ‘the kitty.’ With a turnout of nine teams at the bar on Nov. 10 for the event, players indulged in free pizza, one dollar beers and some friendly competition.
Last November, Obed Lewis, director of the math workshop, was searching for an event to help promote the math workshop. After consulting with Anissa Dann, ‘18 and math workshop advertising coordinator, she came to him with the idea of a Euchre tournament. After just recently learning how to play euchre herself at the time in her college career, Dann explained how she became familiar enough with the game that she felt confident in hosting an event.
“Thus the Euchre tournament was born,” Dann said.
Having a similar turnout in numbers to their previous tournament, Dann noted that this year there was a more diverse group of players in terms of age and majors. Through word-of-mouth and a couple posters in educational buildings, the math workshop cashed in on the growing popularity of Euchre at Wittenberg. Students also stuck around longer this year, indulging in other activities at Founders including darts, mega Jenga and did I mention one dollar beers?
“My guess was the bar being open and the super good pizza had something to do with it,” Dann said.
Feeling more organized for this year’s tournament due to previous experience, Dann worked to make the event even better that the previous year. Having tables and teams numbered this year helped with the fluidity of the event and created an opportunity for all teams to play each other. Working through some flaws in the ranking system, Dann mentioned how she will most likely make the tournament a bracket-style for next year to limit confusion in regards to scoring. Although there were mild disputes over who won, students enjoyed their time getting to know new people and playing a game they love.
“The competition was clean and enjoyable. I look forward to the next tournament,” Jake Green, ‘20, said.
In the end Bradley Malott, ‘19, and Blake Eckert, ‘19, walked away with the title, receiving a math workshop mug and a deck of cards for first place.
Jake Green, ‘20, and Stephen Curry, ‘17, came in second while Matthew Bayler, ‘18, and Tucker Stas, ‘18, walked away with third.
“Looking forward to taking a break in the off-season, but I’m just as eager to attend training camp and get back to work,” Green said.
During the tournament, the math workshop also had free giveaways for everyone who participated. Free prizes included stress balls, color changing pencils and math workshop pins.
“Overall, I think it was a really successful night, it got our name out there and we all had a lot of fun,” Dann said.

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