May 21, 2024

I started this article writing about the election, the results, the importance of voting and how I thought the country was doing. But I, and I believe most people I know, have spent the last week doing most of that. Everyone seems to have taken the whole two-year process in a different way.
So, seeing that we are as a country more divided then ever, with 55 percent of Democrats afraid of Republicans and 49 percent of Republicans afraid of Democrats, according to polling by the Pew Research Center, I seek to unite everyone under an opinion we can all agree on: puppies are cute.
And I can already hear some of the complaints though: not everyone thinks puppies cute, some people dislike dogs, some people have only shriveled-up pits of cherries where their hearts are supposed to be and are therefore incapable of love or joy. But I tell you they are wrong, and that all puppies are cute.
And in the end, who can truly argue with me? Puppies meet every qualification of cute that we have. They are small, soft and a little dumb in the very best way. They flop about without a care in the world and chase balls, even if they aren’t actually thrown. Truly a joy to watch.
The best part is that there is a puppy for everyone. Do you like big things? They’ve got those. Some puppies are the size of the full-grown dogs for other breeds. The average weight of a St. Bernard is 25 pounds. And what if you like little things? Not only does the world produce small breeds, their puppies start out even tinier. There are ones that can fit in the palm of your hand.
The thing I find most wonderful about puppies is that are soft and pleasant to pet. This however can be a negative to some. Allergies they’ll say. Shedding, too, the hair gets everywhere. But they are hypoallergenic dog breeds. Popular and adorable breeds like the Maltese, the poodle or the labradoddle. Some puppies are completely hairless, if you want to throw fluffiness out the window.
But they are still cute, albeit in the same way E.T. is cute.
Honestly, by reading this article you can accuse me burying my head in the sand and of avoiding the issues; I accused myself of it multiple times as I was writing it. But in the end I felt I had nothing new to say about the results – a cycle of negativity won’t change anything, sulking won’t change anything. Action will, but not acting is haste.
I feel like a deep breath is needed for the whole country, and we need to look and the election with a clear head and with controlled emotion. That is the best thing about puppies; they’re proven to reduce stress in their owners and they’re good listeners. And we might all need one for the coming years.

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