May 22, 2024

If you’re looking for a new show to binge watch, your needs have been covered.
The show “Younger” plays on TVLand at nine o’ clock on Wednesday nights. It stars Sutton Foster, among others. In addition, in case you were wondering what ever happened to Hilary Duff, you can find her here!
Foster plays a 40-year-old mother who has a teen daughter. Her daughter studies abroad for a year in India and she divorces her disorganized husband. After moving in with her best friend who “plays for the other team,” Liza (Foster) decides to head back to the work force in her field: publishing. Soon, Liza finds that she is coming up from her job hunt empty handed because she is considered “too old.” One day, the unemployed, single mother is mistaken for a 26-year-old and decides she will attempt a double life.
Finally, Liza gets a job as an assistant with the pretense that she is 26. The half-hour comedy explores both the troubles of being a 40-year-old mother in a world full of social media and new technology as well as the struggle of a young woman leaving school and joining the real world.
Will Liza be found out? Each episode offers an outrageous-yet-funny-enough-to-want-to-believe answer to that question. The witty Liza teams up with diva Kelsey (Duff) to create a hilarious quick watch to wind down to on Hump Day evenings. Flip your couch cushions, get your pillows fluffed and your popcorn popped and get ready for a good laugh.

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