June 18, 2024

If you want a funny movie that knows its Batman lore well enough, then “The Lego Batman Movie” is probably just what you want.

The movie’s plot revolves around a very angsty man-child version of Batman (Will Arnett) having to learn about teamwork and fatherhood after he accidentally adopts orphan Dick Grayson (Michael Cera).

With help from the new police commissioner Barbra Gordon (Rosario Dawson) and butler Alfred (Ralph Fiennes), they have to stop the Joker’s (Zach Galifianakis) latest scheme: to make Batman declare him as his greatest enemy.

All of the actors do a fine job with their voice work. They are all funny and emotional when they need to be.

If I have to nit pick about casting, it would be that there are quite a few voice cameos from celebrities for all of the villains that aren’t the Joker. Most only say a line or two and make you wonder what was the point of them, such as Conan O’ Brien’s two lines as the Riddler.

But others are more thought out, such as Billy Dee Williams, who played Harvey Dent in the 1989 Batman movie, who voices Two Face in this movie.

It’s one of the touches that really show that the writers did their homework when it comes to the lore of the movies and comics they are parodying.

Everything from the current cinematic adaptations, to the gritty Bronze Age comics, to the silly Adam West incarnation of Batman are mocked in the movie.

Its jokes are strongest when they are poking fun at the past and present.

Unfortunately, this movie has to compete in the same categories of its much stronger cousin movies, “The Lego Movie” and “Batman: Return of the Caped Crusader.”

“The Lego Movie” is a bit of a smarter movie with more going on within it. “Caped Crusader” does a light and colorful Batman movie a bit better. It’s not to say that this is a bad movie by any means. I enjoyed it quite a bit while it did many things right, but it will inevitability be compared to similar movies.

The movie accomplishes what it sets out to do; it’s a comedy with more jokes that hit, rather than miss, and it capitalizes on the popularity of not only a decades old icon, but the character made of the “The Lego Movie.”

I would recommend seeing it if you are a Batman fan or liked “The Lego Movie.”


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