May 19, 2024

Nine-month-old Golden Retriever “Gonzo” is not allowed to date exclusively, because his mom thinks he is too young. However, she knows he is a “lady killer” and has watched excitedly as he has fallen for the sweet Black Labrador across campus, Tibby.

Puppy love is spreading all around Wittenberg, and the tail wagging, booty sniffing joy of new relationships has the 4Paws community grinning with canine teeth and wet noses.

This sesmester, Tibby has experienced puppy love firsthand. Tibby is a fun-loving eight-month-old who has enjoyed her time at Wittenberg by playing the field and stealing the hearts of all the other dogs on campus. She is every four-pawed canine’s puppy love dream.

“She knows she is cute but doesn’t try to win people over,” Michelle Murray, ‘17, Tibby’s mom, said.

According to Murray, Tibby’s confidence shines with she first meets others, dog or human. She starts with a tail wag, and quickly rolls onto her stomach for a pet.

Tibby’s tail wags like no other when she hangs out with her special friend. Gonzo and Tibby love to play together in the dog park, and they often eye each other across the room while in class.

It’s no surprise that Tibby loves to flirt with Gonzo. According to Laura Jansing, ‘17, Gonzo’s mom, he steals the hearts of other pups with his calm, lovable and sweet personality. Gonzo loves to chill and unwinds by cuddling with his friends, both dog and human. Gonzo and Tibby have done their fair share of snuggling, according to their parents.

“Tibby and Gonzo will get very excited to see each other,” Jansing said. “They both smell each other’s butts, wag their tails and start to play immediately.”

Murray agrees that Tibby and Gonzo seem to have something special.

“They both enjoy seeing each other,” Murray said. “They roll on the floor and enjoy each other’s company, acting as if they are the only two in the room, maybe the world.”

While Tibby is affectionate with Gonzo, she often plays hard to get, Murray said. She will play it cool when other dogs walk into class, simply chewing on the legs of desks instead of giving them her attention.

While Gonzo and Tibby’s parents have really enjoyed watching their puppy love, they want to encourage them not to settle down too soon. Both dogs have loving personalities, and their parents believe they should get to know the other dogs on campus before committing. After all, they are still so young, and puppy love doesn’t usually last.


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