June 23, 2024

Love at first sight. It doesn’t happen for everyone, but there can be a happy ending. At least it seems that way for Jon Osman, ‘17, and Lorin Conti, ‘17.

Osman, a biology major, spends his time in lab after lab while looking to study physical therapy at Mount St. Joseph University post-graduation. Conti, meanwhile, is a double major in special education and early education, and is currently a student-teacher at Horace Mann Elementary.

Conti transferred to Wittenberg after a semester at Heidelberg University her freshman year and soon joined Alpha Delta Pi sorority. She invited Osman to her spring formal that year and two days later, they started their relationship that has lasted through thick and thin.

Running gives them something fun to do together and relate to each other, Conti said. They get to spend time together with the same group of friends and both enjoy it.

“It is nice to have someone that is my family at practice every day there with me,” Conti said

With both being runners though, it can get pretty competitive, but together, they are known as leaders on and off the cross country course and track. Not only have they spent their time as captains of both teams, but they lead within the top three of their events.

“Running is something we can do together for the rest of our lives,” Conti said.

After their engagement this past January, the duo of Osman and Conti are looking forward to their wedding in November.


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