June 23, 2024

If you could be any age, what age would you be? Why?
“I would like to be 23 because I think it allows you to still be stupid, but you’re old enough to make decisions by yourself.” – Olivia Raconelli, ’19
“I would like to be seven because it’s just a time when you’re really young and you don’t have much to think about. You can be carefree and have no worries.” – Bayleigh Thompson. ’19
“The age I am now. I’m happy where I am in life currently.” – Deanna Torstenson, ’17
“I would like to be 25 because it’s old enough to have everything, but still young enough to have fun.” – Michael Resko, ’17
“I would be 21, partially for the typical reasons, and so I can be in a house as opposed to a dorm. Also, so I don’t have to pay to get into the bar.” – Casey Luther, ’20

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