June 18, 2024

Sarah Keegan, ‘17, is no stranger to Wittenberg traditions. As a fourth generation Wittenberg student, she is now savoring her last semester on campus. Her older sister, Meredith Keegan, graduated last year, and now resides in Chicago while pursuing a career in TD Artisan Spirits as a marketing coordinator for 19 brands. Keegan graduated with a double major in marketing and psychology.

As a business management major, Sarah Keegan hopes to focus on supply chains and operations while working at Ingersoll Rand in Charlotte, North Carolina, after graduation.

During her time at Wittenberg, the senior from Sandusky has been involved in a lot of family traditions. Keegan is a member of the Delta Gamma sorority just like her older sister and aunt. As a member of DG, Keegan is the director of Senior Pursuits and Socials.

“Delta Gamma has made me the person I am today, and I’m so thankful,” Keegan said.

Keegan also served on class cabinet for three years, as well as following the family tradition of serving on the Student Alumni Board. Currently, her mom and aunt both serve on the board and stay involved with Wittenberg’s advancement and future.

Keegan said that her favorite memory about Wittenberg is how the professors are so engaged when they’re with the students.

“There’s a tight knit bond within the friendships and relationships made at Wittenberg,” Keegan said.

Another fond memory during her time at Witt was her semester studying abroad on Australia’s gold coast at Bond University with senior and fellow DG sister, Campbell Frame. Keegan took business classes, and said the best part about studying abroad was having classes on the beach and on the Great Barrier Reef. Keegan applied to graduate school at Bond University in hopes of possibly pursuing a higher degree in business management.

Reflecting on her time at Witt, Keegan said that she “will miss her best friends, obviously,” but more so, “the close community and how nice everyone is and the ability to form connections with anyone.”

As far as giving advice to upcoming seniors, Keegan said to become as engaged as possible.

“Do as much as you can and become close with not only fellow students, but professors,” Keegan said. “Take advantage of making connections because they’re so important for getting jobs.”

Going to school as a fourth generation Wittenberg student, Keegan said she wouldn’t have it any other way – following in the footsteps of her older sister helped her gain confidence in her decision of coming to Wittenberg and all the lessons and experiences that came with it.

“I for sure picture my future family coming to Wittenberg as well to carry on the tradition,” Keegan said.


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