June 23, 2024

The Goldstein-Peled-Fiterstein Trio is the result of the skilled collaboration of three world-renowned soloists: pianist Alon Goldstein, cellist Amit Peled and clarinetist Alexander Fiterstein. The three are bound by their Israeli roots as well as the desire to come together to create musical moments as an ensemble and share their love of chamber music.

The three received their education in Israel and, as individuals, won scholarships through the American-Israel Cultural foundation that allowed them to come study in the United States.

Goldstein explained that, in a way, it all began at the Marlboro Music Festival where they all met and had an opportunity to play with one another. After a few more performance opportunities, they decided that they loved playing with one another, so they come together twice a year or so for a group of concerts. Goldstein said that, though they each have their own solo careers and other ensembles, they feel it is very important to come together as a trio.

Goldstein described their trio as a “very unique” combination as it brings together piano, a wind instrument and a string instrument. He explained that usually the program is organized with trios that highlight each musician’s talents and in between, they perform their solo numbers.

Goldstein said he was the only of his siblings that stayed with music; he felt one of the most enriching parts of his personal growth and education was in direct correlation with studying abroad and coming here when he was in his early 20s.

“The opportunity to go and study in a different country is so enriching,” Goldstein said. “You absorb from the culture, perhaps learn a different language, eat different food, meet different friends.”

He felt that, in studying abroad, he discovered so many new things about himself. He continued to travel and found his love for theater in London, then in Italy. He said he never traveled because he had a job, but more for wanting to go somewhere new.

The trio’s Wittenberg University experience started at the men’s basketball game on Wednesday night with Wittenberg vs. Ohio Wesleyan. The three were enthralled by a close game and quickly were engaged in the campus community. At the end of the game, the trio walked over to the Tiger Pep Band and asked if Fiterstein could borrow a clarinet. At first, he joked that he had no idea what he was doing, confusing students as they gathered, asking if he was putting the reed on correctly and how to hold the instrument, as Goldstein recorded him. He played around, quickly proving that he was no amateur. The trio also held a Master Class for Wittenberg and other area music students on Thursday afternoon in Krieg Recital Hall.

The concert itself was held in Weaver Chapel on Feb. 16. The program began with Goldstein performing Domenico Scarlatti’s “Three Sonatas for Solo Piano.”

He then was joined by Peled to perform the first movement of Franz Schubert’s “Arpeggione Sonata, D. 821, Allegro moderato (A minor)”. The next piece brought Fiterstein to the stage and they performed Beethoven’s “Piano Trio in B-flat Major, Op11,” followed by a brief intermission and opportunity for the audience to purchase CDs of the trio.

After the break, Fiterstein performed Shulamit Ran’s “For an Actor: Monologue” as a clarinet solo that stressed the range of the clarinet. Following this piece, Fiterstein was joined by Peled and Goldstein to perform Brahms’ “Trio for Piano, Clarinet and Cello in A minor, Op.114” to conclude the evening.


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