April 13, 2024

Wittenberg’s very own improvisational comedy group, Pocket Lint, held performances on Feb. 18-19 at the new Wittenberg Student Theater at the Springfield Museum of Art. The show lasted about two hours with 14 skits and a 10-minute intermission. Friday’s show sold out with the Saturday show having about 15 seats remaining, leaving the audience ready to see what Wittenberg’s funniest had to offer.

Opening the show was “#College” written by Sarah White, ‘18. The skit was about easy recipes to make in college when you have nothing left to eat. Mocking the poor dietary choices of college students, actors talked about using leftovers and old random foods to cook with, especially after a night of drinking and going out.

The next skit, “The Harmony Whores” was written by Adam Barstow, ‘17. The skit portrayed two a cappella groups that humorously resembled that of the movie “Pitch Perfect.”

While one a cappella group struggled with relationship issues over a guy named Bruno, the other group was more mellow, almost too mellow, falling asleep towards the end as a result of smoking too much weed.

After “A Prison Skit” and “The Breakfast Sub,” another memorable skit was “The Housewives of Jamestown,” written by Emily Harrison, ‘18. The skit mocked the “Real Housewives” reality shows, but during a colonial time period. The women argued over horse breeds and young romances destroyed by arranged marriages at the age of 12. Sam Stilwell, ‘17, acted as TV show host Andy Cohen, and had a humorous sign off as the women died from diseases and he said there would not be another season.

The last skit of act one was, “The Bovine Society” written by Harrison. It was a parody most Wittenberg students can find humor in, mocking secret societies, something that has been controversial on campus lately. The skit showed students lined up, forced to drink milk and answer trivia questions, while others dressed in black and a cow costume and screamed at the students.

After intermission, “The Subaru Crew,” written by Kaylie Taylor, ‘17, was a musical number stereotyping the owners of the car brand, Subaru. Following “The Subaru Crew” was “Club Yoga” and “Totally F**king Fashion,” parodies of fashion shows and yoga.

“Pleasing Your Partner” was another memorable act, written by Korie Sharrar, ‘20, where a couple tried to resolve intimacy issues with sensual cooking. The couple dramatically prepared a chicken breast, slapping it with oil and yelling. The oil even hit the audience at times.

Following “Pleasing Your Partner” was “THC: Toddlers in Tiaras” written by Emily Potin, ‘20. This skit mocked the famous TLC show, “Toddlers in Tiaras,” but with a new spin. The children did various drugs before going on stage. Drinking alcohol, snorting cocaine and smoking a blunt, they performed humorous dance routines, mimicking poses of real pageant contestants.

“Tips for Teen Girls” by Taylor offered humorous advice via a web show to teenage girls. Talking about crushes, boys and competing with other girls, the main character offered advice that was contradicted by her intimidating older sister.

The show was closed with “Sweet Baby Jesus,” also written by Taylor, which featured an awkward blind date in which Harrison played a Southern woman with a child who acts way too young for his age and says inappropriate things.

Stay tuned for more Pocket Lint performances in the future, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more information.


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