June 23, 2024

If you would have walked into Bayley Auditorium on March 30 at 7 p.m., you would have been greeted by a large projection screen saying, “Welcome to The Female Orgasm” while “Touch My Body” by Mariah Carey blared in the background.

An audience of about 50 students, mostly female, sat in the audience with free mint-flavored condoms, pregnancy tests and buttons reading “I Heart Female Orgasm” on the tables in front of them.

Sponsored by Wittenberg’s campus advocacy and support service program and the Womyn’s Center, the Female Orgasm Colloquium featured sex educators Lindsay Fram and Marshall Miller.

“We recommend you keep your phones on vibrate… at all times,” Miller said.

The two travel around to speak about the most popular sex topic: the “big O.” Their sex education program, “I Love Female Orgasm!” has been presented over 500 times and has become one of the most popular college presentations in the country. It is not your typical high school health class topics that fit into their version of sex education. The speakers cover everything from how women reach their big moment and the mysterious “G spot,” to masturbation and sex toys.

“Tonight is all about the female orgasm. It’s all about pleasure,” Fram said. “To me, it’s the most interesting topic in the world.”

With plenty of humor and honesty, Fram and Miller sought to cast aside the taboos which are getting in the way of women having a good time, and having the sex they deserve to have. One of those taboos would be porn, which creates unrealistic expectations by professionals who are paid to “fake it.”

“No matter what you think about porn morally, porn can get you way off track, as it gives misconceptions,” Fram said.

Fram went on to tell about how people get self-conscious about their own genitals because they don’t look like the ones they see in these sweaty scenes. A perfectly round chocolate chip cookie showed up on the screen followed by a different cookie, which looked as if someone had baked it from scratch at home.

“There’s nothing wrong with this cookie just because it doesn’t look like that cookie,” Fram said. “Your cookie is beautiful and your cookie is delicious.”

Along with confidence boosts, the speakers shared sex stories with the audience and gave tips and tricks to making sex the best it can be. These included positive self talk along with a bit of fantasy during sex, touching yourself experimentally and trying some good vibrations.

In this confidential environment, an extremely comfortable audience also shared their first orgasm stories. After, they asked questions about myths they had heard about orgasms such as wearing socks during sex would make one more likely to “get there,” and if doctors can tell if you have had sex or masturbated before.

It is false that doctors can tell if someone has done the dirty, but the sock thing may hold some truth. It just depends if you feel comfortable rocking socks. Fram told the audience a study on sex was being done in a very cold lab room where a couple was having a hard time reaching their big moment. The socks they put on to stay warm helped out the situation.

No matter what one’s gender or sexual orientation is, they deserve to not only have good sex but feel safe while doing it. The “I Love Female Orgasm!” program brought up consent as being sexy, and was a good introduction to Wittenberg Consent Week which takes place April 3-7.

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