July 18, 2024

Would you rather fear a situation, or regret a situation?
“I’d rather regret a situation because I noticed from my experiences that I feel more bothered by what could have happened if I did what I feared. If I regret something, at least I know I tried.” – Bobeto Goenna, ’17
“I would rather fear a situation because fear can be overcome.” – Sophie Hulen, ’17
“Fear obviously, because mistakes are a part of life, but regrets are not.” – Nick Tafoya, ’18
“I’d rather fear a situation because I feel like it’s a lot easier to get something over with and stop fearing it than it is to stop regretting something.” – Joey Johnson, ’18
“Fear. I feel like fear doesn’t necessarily mean not doing something but knowing when to take the risks.” – Vanessa Orduna, ’20

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