June 18, 2024

We live in a world overflowing with role-models, and yet, at times, it can be hard to see the ladies. Sure, we’ve got Wonder Woman and Katniss, but what about a bad-a** mercenary or a dedicated mother? Where are the dorks and the scientists? Here are six of the best fictional women we could find. We tried to add more, but the hard drives melted from the concentrated awesome, so we had to scale it back.
I’ll be there always.
The world is a very different place when you’re tiny. Just defending your home is a monumental challenge. While her husband is off doing dangerous missions, Matalina of “The Hollows” stays home in the Garden, fighting off intruders. Including, but not limited to, Insects, Humans, Vampires and Magical Assassins. Oh, and did we mention she raises their 54 hyperactive, flying children as well? She may not be the main character, but she’s all the terror of an angry SWAT team bound up in lace and a few inches.
Problems with authority.
Kate Daniels, one of the few people on the list whose name is the title of her series. She’s a mercenary in a world torn between science and magic, she’s made entire armies of demons kneel before her with a single word, weaponized her own blood and takes no crap from anyone, including the Angel of Death. Yet, despite all that, what she really wants is a quiet life with her husband and adopted daughter. Unfortunately, with Great Power comes a lot of headaches.
Always ready with a smile.
You know what’s harder than fighting monsters and running kingdoms? Being a mom. Harder? Being a single mother to two young werewolves. Hana of “Wolf Children “not only raises her beloved Yuki and Ame, but does so after her wolf husband dies leaving her with no job, no medical care, and no clue. Yet, somehow, she never loses her bright and cheery smile. Quite possibly the toughest lady on the list.
For science.
Agatha Heterodyne, the “Girl Genius,” Ruler of Mechanisburg, Mad Scientist Extraordinaire, Adventurer, Circus Performer, Noble Lady, Trend-setter and Heroine. She prefers Death Rays to Roses, hitting annoying people with heavy objects and relaxing in the lab while making the Laws of Physics cry. Her Castle is a fixer-upper, but still a most terrifying Death Trap (with a sense of humor), plus it comes with a monster army, a few robot armies and plenty of other amusements (currently trapped in a time bubble, but she’s working on that). Oh, and don’t let her have coffee, just trust us on this one.
For the people.
Few princesses can top Princess Vivian Nefeltari from “One Piece.” When her desert country was under threat, she decided there was only one course of action. Escaping in the middle of the night, she joined the secret criminal organization responsible, clawed her way to their upper ranks and began dismantling it. Fighting bounty hunters, a sadistic serial murderer with superpowers, being beaten and shot, and never once losing her faith in her country. When all was said and done, she quietly retired from a life of freedom and adventure to rule over a country recovering from drought and bloody civil war.
Excellent… ninjas.
There are plenty of superheroines who are tough and strong, but few can match up to Sydney a.k.a. The Mighty Halo. The main character of “Grrl Power,” Sydney is ADHD, cusses like a Shakespearean Sailor, eats weapons-grade food, a total nerd (totally not a pirate) and always on the lookout for ninjas. In short, she’s “Adorkable” and that’s before her suite of power orbs, which give her supersonic flight, truesight, a powerful shield, an “energy appendage” and a beam that can cut through tanks. Truly, she is one of us, and you do not want on THE LIST!

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