May 29, 2024

The glorious sounds of passion and inspiration danced with the wind through Wittenberg’s campus this past weekend as the Wittmen Crew performed. The group had three different shows that took place in Kreig Hall and Ness Auditorium.
Our premiere, and all male, a capella group have been stunning audiences not only at Wittenberg but in regional a capella concerts, for churches and other organizations in the area. Using the group’s classic and spontaneous humor, the introduction for the spring concert included a video of all the men in the Crew wandering around on campus or doing something individual and unique to each person, all to be rushed into Ness for practice. When the screen went black in the video, the Wittmen Crew came out onto stage and were welcomed with praise and clapping.
The group had repeats from the fall concert such as “Ghost and Imagination” with individual performances by Bryan Hoggatt, ’17, and Josh Goble, ’20. Without disappointment, each gentlemen on the Crew has mastered the art of murdering something without getting charged with a felony.
About halfway through the first act of the group’s performance, the Crew did brief introductions, giving names and respective parts in the a capella group. After intermission, the Crew came back in full force, showcasing some new additions to the set list, including: “Love on the Brain,” “Death of a Bachelor” and “Redbone.”
Two impressive performances during the shows were, “Hotel California” by the Eagles and “Redbone” by Childish Gambino. With a few tweaks here and there, the group made the songs its own, giving it some of that Wittmen “umph”… Crewpies know what I’m talking about. Performances for both songs were solid and captured a great sense of who the Wittmen Crew are.
The Wittmen Crew have CDs for anyone who missed concerts not only this semester but in previous ones as well. Next time you have a chance to see them perform live, open your ears and try something new with the Wittmen Crew.

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